Using Handlebars on both the server and client side

While building an application for a friend, I ran into a snag. I wanted to use Handlebars on both the client side (Javascript) and on the server side (NodeJs)

But it turns out thats not easily done, while both work on thier own when a Handlebar tag "{{" is processed on the server side if Handlebars cant find the data for that template it just removes it from the template. Not shocking so either.



10,000 hours and the search for mastery of craft

There is a theme from a book “Outliers” by Malcom Gladwell [] which implies you need to practice a craft for 10,000 hours to achieve mastery of a field. I was wondering if I felt that was true about my chosen field, web development or if it was even greater.

The thought is that the speed to which web development and the internet changes seems to be so cripplingly fast that I don't know if there is anyway to ever truly master it.

Just because you have not played with the latest framework, language or weren't exposed to the latest fetish -- does that mean you have not mastered this craft?